A Key to Understanding Orgasm: The Exquisite Clitoris and Company

A Window into O’s (as in orgasm) is a series dedicated to my friends who are in a state of pre-orgasm.  They have not experienced an orgasm, yet.  10-15% of women say they have never had the experience.  (Please see, A Window into O’s: Introduction)

It would be easy for a pre-orgasmic wife to feel frustrated in this multi-orgasm world.  However, we have a great deal more potential to orgasm than most women realize.  (Please see, Origin of Orgasm Tissue)

In previous posts, I hope to have taken the mystery out of our southern hemisphere.
The Plumbing of O’s:  Labia Love
The Plumbing of O’s:  The Vaginal Vestibule

The unknown can make us uncomfortable.  By understanding the outer and inner workings of our delicate flower, we are empowered.

Orgasm is not necessary for sexual intimacy to be satisfying.  Feeling emotionally close with your husband and experiencing the spiritual essence of sexual intimacy are also key ingredients.  Physical pleasure is just one-third of the marriage bed.

However, because many pre-orgasmic wives are still in pursuit of the orgasm, I want to help you all as much as possible.  Today, we are going to seek buried treasure, the clitoris.  There is so much more to her than meets the fingertip.

In the post, Origin of Orgasm, we explored the fact that clitoral tissue and penile tissue are both made from erectile tissue.

In fact, a woman has an exquisite erectile network that includes: The clitoris (comprised of three parts; glans, shaft and legs), the vestibular bulbs, the urethral sponge, and the perineal sponge.  These structures all interconnect and are found beneath the silky skin of the vaginal vestibule.  (The vaginal vestibule is hidden under the inner lips).

Like an iceberg, just the tip of this divine system peaks out as the legendary, ‘button under the hood’ (officially known as the clitoral glans).  Very unlike an iceberg, when the erectile network is turned on, it pulsates with delicious warmth.

Erectile tissue is packed with the specially designed capillaries.  Physical or emotional arousal signals the brain to release chemical messengers to the erectile tissue.  The messengers tell the capillaries to let blood in, but not to let it out.  What results is a divine swelling.

In the first sketch below, the clitoris is in red.  You can see the bulbous glans which is our bliss button.  The glans is the only part of our erectile network that can be seen.  It protrudes from under tissue called a ‘hood.’  The glans is connected by a ropey shaft to the clitoral legs or crura.  The legs of the clitoris are about four inches long and attach to the inner arch of the pelvis.

The rest of the erectile network is in blue.  The vestibular bulbs encircle the vaginal opening like an open-ended bracelet.  When they are fully engorged they serve as cuffs.  If you are aware of how firm a penis is when fully aroused, you can imagine how firm the vestibular bulbs become.

This isn’t new information.  The diagram below was published in 1844 by George L. Kobelt.  In the right hand sketch, notice the vestibular bulbs partially encircling the vaginal opening.  (Please note, the vaginal opening in this sketch is on the large side, not to scale.)


Now let’s look at our two remaining structures, the urethral sponge and the perineal sponge.

The urethral sponge is erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra.  Like a tiny tube encircled by a larger tube.  When properly aroused, it puffs up to increase pleasure.  The swelling also serves as a pad to cushion the delicate urethra from the battering of intercourse.  In addition, within the urethral sponge are the paraurethral glands, the source of female ejaculate.  It is believed that certain proteins within the ejaculate are anti-microbial to protect from infection.

The perineal sponge lies below the vagina and above the rectum.  When fully aroused, it aids in external erotic sensitivity to the area between the vagina and the anus.  It serves as the bottom portion of the cuff that firmly and delightfully encircles the vaginal opening.

Here is a diagram of a slightly different angle.  I hope it gives you a better visualization of how the erectile network encircles the vagina.


Women have just as much erectile tissue as men, it’s just buried beneath the surface!  Most healthy men, have no problem reaching orgasm.  That means 99% of wives have the same potential (barring major physical problems).
Arousal can be tricky for a woman.  It’s a combination of emotional, spiritual and physical responses.  But, arousal is absolutely necessary for the magic of swollen ecstacy.  The secret to physical arousal is having your erectile tissue deliciously filled with blood.  The swollen structures are wonderfully sensitive.
If penetration has never felt good for you, you may be racing to intercourse before your body is fully engorged.  That’s why it is so important to understand how these internal structures work.  Prime the pump before engaging in any other pumping action.  Only then will you be able to enjoy the exquisite fit.  Being fully ready for penetration includes lubrication, pulsations and an intense desire to move on to the next step.  This all comes from being fully aroused and swollen.  You know you are ready when you would be extremely upset if he decided to quit.
So, how do you go about priming the pump?  In my next post, we will also discuss how to explore this buried treasure of pleasure and how to prime the pump.  We will also discuss the relationship between the female erectile network and the different mysterious orgasm ‘spots’ (G-Spot and Anterior/Posterior Erogenous zones).

How amazing!

God designed this delicate network that uses life giving blood to produce blissful sensations.  He designed arousal and stimulation.  He designed tirgid swelling.  He designed the experience of orgasm.  You probably already know that the clitoris serves no other purpose other than erotic pleasure.

God designed sexual pleasure solely as a gift of love.  It is His gift of love to us and it is our gift of love to our spouses.

I am in awe of His grand complex scheme of marriage and sexual intimacy.

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Information for this article was found in part at:  The Journal of Urology, Anatomy of the Clitoris, October, 2005, pdf.

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  1. says

    Very good post Bonny. I know…I know I am a male. But this should be something for both the wife and the husband to read. Both can learn so much.

    Thank you for your ministry.

  2. says

    Very good post Bonny! I know….I know I am a male. And with that said, this should be read not only by woman but by men as well. It would do any marriage good for the husband to truly understand the mechanics of his wife’s body.

    Thank you for your ministry.

    • says

      Stuart, welcome to the conversation! You are right. It would do husbands good to understand their wife’s inner workings, as well. Insight can lead to lots of new developments. Ultimately, the wife’s orgasm is for the pleasure of both spouses. I appreciate your words.

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