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If you saw yesterday’s post, I shared about our Alaskan cruise.  Today, will be random shares.

The rest of our life is probably not much different from yours.

This is the view to and from our front door!  Come on in!

This is my office/spare bedroom.  Notice dog tail in the bottom left corner.

My keyboard is missing the “j” key.  I’ve gotten really good at hitting the “j” post.  The “v” key is going to be next.  I can feel it’s loose.

Here are our two dogs, Rudy Blue (blue eyes) and Lydia (corgi mix and clown).

And yeah, they are pampered and get away with murder.

Weddings and births are blessed events for any family!

We live far from our parents, so we have to travel to Tennessee and Indiana several times throughout the year to see our folks.  Here is my dad in Tennessee.

This is the view that my dad has in Tennessee.

My men bonding…..

My men making their own decisions…the tattoo is of Simon helping Jesus with the cross.

The Harmony Belles is a female barbershop troupe I have sang with for the past four years. My last performance with them was Valentine’s Day, 2014.  It was the sacrifice I made for more time in marriage ministry and education.  I signed up for an online Christian Counseling Certification the week after I resigned.  

The gang I see three times a week while trying to stay fit.

Holidays are one of the reasons I have to jazzercise.  (The kitchen is the remodeled version.  We tore down three walls three years ago and made a great big living space in our 1970s home.)

A semi-tradition is hosting Australian exchange students for an American Thanksgiving.  I think this was our third year.  (My dad made the curio cabinet in the corner using an Ethan Allen catelog picture I gave him as a guide.  The cherry wood came from my father-in-law who also loved to woodwork.)

Memories are the Christmas gifts we share with our boys and daughter-in-law.  Each Christmas we try to take a trip somewhere warm.  Here are some photos from the last few years.

Another large part of our life is our church family.  Unfortunately, I don’t have many photos of that part of our life.  I’m going to have to work on fixing that.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you a glimpse our life!

If this is your first time visiting OysterBed7, Welcome!  Please stay awhile, peruse the archives and don’t forget to follow me via facebook fanpage or twitter (@oysterbed7)

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