Weep and Rejoice

Pain is a constant companion this week. 

Not physical pain, but emotional and spiritual pain.  It’s not my pain, at least not all of it.  It is the pain of others.  
We lost a young friend to cancer this week. He and his wife were in one of our marriage classes.  Just this week, I’ve learned of four families undergoing separation or divorce.
I spent time with several single and married hurting women.  They seek solace with our Lord’s words and my listening ears.
When I’m connecting with a hurting friend, sharing God’s word and comfort, I’m at peace.  But, afterwards, I carry their distress with me like a sunburn.  It usually fades with time.  This week, however, feels like a sunstroke.

I do not begrudge the burn.  I actually feel that sharing in another’s burden is a privilege!  But, it’s not good if the sunstroke incapacitates you from continuing the week.
God, sensitive to my needs, sends aloe at just the right time.  A soothing balm came in the form of a local reader.  She was an acquaintance before she became a reader.  We met this week to finish up a mutual project.
She shared a bit sheepishly, “I read some of your blog and clicked on some links.  I had no idea there were so many Christian women out there writing about sex!  So, I checked with my husband and after a conversation, we decided that we are good in this area.”
I probed a bit, “Good as in-sync with your libido’s?” 
“Yeah,” She answered.  “We have been really good about keeping open communication.  We came from homes that didn’t have good marriages and we decided we were going to change that.”  She went on to tell me how they managed to stay intentional about their connection.  I let her know how blessed they were and that they should mentor other couples.
Being in marriage ministry, those in distress are the loudest.  I forget about the well-oiled working marriages that remain silent. 
Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to rejoice this week, as well as weep.
Is there a couple in your life that radiates harmony and glorifies God?  Speak to them.  Tell them you admire them.  Ask them how they keep sweet, and let them know you will pray for their continued unity.
If your marriage isn’t always tranquil, I pray that you can find a new season of harmony.  What can you do to restore sweetness to your marriage this summer?
The orgasm series will continue!  This is just a short hiatus due to circumstances.
To leave you with a light heart, hear some harmony!  Enjoy the US Naval Academy Barbershop Quartet, Cleanshave, they are humorous, harmonious and handsome.

What have you done to regain sweetness of harmony in your marriage?  
Please share with me in the comments!
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