Memorial Day 2015


I’ll probably never see his grave. My uncle, Herbert Logsdon, is buried at sea 1000’s of miles from the US in Leyte Bay, Manila.  Uncle Herb was a sailor with a specific duty, aviation radioman.  He died on October 30, 1943 when a kamikaze rammed his aircraft carrier, the Belleau Wood, in the exact spot where he and nearly 100 others gathered to prepare for take-off, the forward ready-room.  With a crew of over 1500, only 97 were killed that [Continue Reading]

Little Known Peri-Menopause Symptom (Unending Period)

No matter what your age, a wife needs to know what lies ahead.  God gives the wisdom so we won't be frightened.

Hot Flash.  She’s the diva of menopausal symptoms.  Everyone has heard of her. For a few years, I’ve been dealing with several of her lesser known sisters. Low-Libido Night Sweat Heart Palpitation (Men, proceed reading at your own risk….) Recently, one of the least known sisters, Unending Period, made a call. What the heck?  I thought things were supposed to slow down and cease altogether.  But, no, I get the opposite. Which led me to ask, “Why?” My hormones aren’t [Continue Reading]

For the Aloha Pumehana Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

“Aloha is literally the combination of two words. ‘Alo,’ means to be face to face or in the presence of.  ‘Ha,’ means the breath of life. So, ‘aloha,’ means to be face to face, or exchanging, the breath of life. This is a kind of blessing that is used to say hello, good bye, I love you, and generally to describe people living with respect and love for each other (“live aloha” or the “aloha spirit”). A great way to [Continue Reading]

For the John Denver Bedroom Soundtrack

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

Enjoy this lovely ballad, Perhaps Love, a duet by John Denver and Placido Domingo.  Thanks to a friend for this suggestion! Click here to see why I offer eclectic music samplings for your lovemaking playlist. John Denver’s music accompanied my childhood (see the end of this post:  Spice It Up with Travel.)  His positive country charm mirrored the values my parents taught me. Listen to some of my favorite John Denver songs: Grandma’s Feather Bed For Baby (For Bobby) Thank [Continue Reading]

Build More Confidence in Your Role as Wife


It may sound glamorous to traipse across the country to attendChristian conferences where the Rock Stars of Women’s ministry share their stories.  In reality, it is exhausting.  Especially, when waiting at home are responsibilities put on hold and a loving family dying of starvation. Christian Women’s conferences are phenomenally motivating, no doubt about it.  I’ve never felt so fired up for my ministry than sitting at the feet of Lysa Terkuerst or Michelle Cushatt. There is a conference geared to [Continue Reading]

For the Taj Mahal Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

Inspired by the sitars of India, I hope you will enjoy this exotic and sensual offering to contemplate for your bedroom soundtrack. Click here to see why I offer eclectic music samplings for your lovemaking playlist.