For the Josh Groban Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

When I first heard Josh Groban a few years ago, I wasn’t in the right place emotionally to fully appreciate his melancholy beauty.  Due to the past turbulent month, he now resonates with my heart. He was classically training to be an actor, but his superb natural vocal talent overshadowed his acting ability.  People clamored for his ‘high lyric baritone.’  Groban has a wonderful sense of operatic style while combining classic, pop and rock elements. Groban was born in Los [Continue Reading]

J Parker (hot, holy & humorous) Reviews, Unlock Your Libido

When you share a passion for a certain niche of ministry with someone, you usually become friends. I’ve always had great respect and lots of admiration for, J Parker, of Hot, Holy & Humorous.  She blends wisdom and wit, perfectly.  And, where J’s concerned, I’ve been trying hard to repent.  I covet her housekeeper. I also value her input and direction.  She’s helped me a ton this past year. It was very humbling to read her latest post.  She honestly [Continue Reading]

Blessing of a Different Kind; Saying Goodbye to Dad

Goodbye to Dad

I’m a lot like you, busy being a wife who keeps her household running and toilet paper stocked.  In between my passion of writing for you and working with impoverished women in Wilmington, where I live, I clean my house, sort of.  I cook meals just often enough to keep my skills.  I work in the yard occasionally to keep my neighbors from complaining.  And although I do like to have a routine and purposefully build quiet time into my [Continue Reading]

Porn Should Have Broken Us


  I spoke with Belah of Delight Your Marriage not long ago.  She is truly a sweetie.  She’s been speaking with many members of the Christian Marriage Bloggers Association.  She focuses on empowering wives with her story and the story of others who are at varying stages of the journey. To calm my fears, she and I chatted a month before the recorded pocast.  I have a tendency to want to ask a lot of questions of someone I first [Continue Reading]

For the Norah Jones Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

I scheduled Norah Jones as our featured artist at the suggestion of a reader.  It’s quite interesting that I would choose her for this week in particular.  Because I just, two minutes ago, discovered an interesting fact.  She and I share a March 30th birthday.  This is incredibly curious to me seeing that my new daughter-in-love also shares this birthday.  AND so does my husband’s brother’s mother-in-law. Norah is the child of an American concert producer and an Indian Bengali [Continue Reading]

Pursuing One-Flesh Wisdom

Gone Visiting

  Crystal Storms writes at Intentionally Pursuing the Heart of God.  She has a sweet and direct voice when applying God’s word to her life.  I’ve been reading this delightful, succinct blog for about a year. She has allowed me to write a guest post at her place today and I am beyond thrilled.  It is an honor to speak to her Christian ladies.  Please follow me over to Intentionally Pursuing where I talk about, Pursuing One-Flesh Wisdom; Unlock Your [Continue Reading]