Sleepin’ is Sexy


  We’ve slept in some strange beds. My husband, a.ka. Mr. Muscle’s, business took us to Madrid, Spain, for a week.  We managed to avoid the austerity protesting.  We did not avoid witnessing the horrible effects of 25% unemployment.   His iPhone was stolen and there are women selling their wares.  Sadly, the sex trade is legal here. Jet lag reminded me that sleep deprivation is brutal.  Sleep isn’t just important it’s crucial.  Deep slumber satisfies and replenishes.  It’s a [Continue Reading]

A Window Into Orgasm: Introduction

    Eyes are the window to your soul. I like that brief soul to soul connection of looking a newly met stranger straight in the eye.  Eye color is beautiful to me.  It’s the trait I remember most about people. No set of eyes are quite the same.  Even my set of identical twins have a slightly different tilt, although their blue color is the same. Eyes don’t always function precisely.  Problems can usually be corrected with glasses. Occasionally, [Continue Reading]

Illuminated Sex


  Don’t do it in the dark. Men bond with what they see while climaxing. In Christian and Sexy, we briefly hit upon the fact that male brains release feel good chemicals when they see a female form.  Let’s take this a step further and contemplate what is happening in the male brain when he views his wife while making love. According to Dr. Douglas Weiss, in his book, Sex, God and Men, pg. 15, “Whatever his eyes focus on when [Continue Reading]

3 Ways to Spark Fireworks in the Bedroom


It’s fourth of July weekend, the national Independence Day Holiday in the US.  While the weekend usually revolves around your family,  the grill, and culminates in a huge fireworks extravaganza, why not bring a few of those fireworks into your bedroom? Low-libido gals, here are 3 ways to spark fireworks in your bedroom this holiday weekend. Decide when to light the fuse. With your husband, overview your weekend’s agenda.  When can you highlight an hour for your own personal celebration? [Continue Reading]

The Heart Craving Journey

Heart Craving

Chris of The Forgiven Wife and I share a common purpose.  We walk with Christian sisters who desire to build stronger intimacy and connection in marriage, but are struggling with the follow-through. In our individual writings, we often talk about ourselves as being on a path, walking a journey.  We want to invite other wives to join us and walk with us a while in community. Heart Craving is the name of our joint ministry.  We want to invite you [Continue Reading]

My Son Broke Both of His Legs (and a marriage connection)

Broke Legs

  At 13, my oldest son broke both of his legs.  The tibias in each leg were completely displaced, although not compound through the skin.  The fibulas each had a more minor, but spiral type of fracture. He jumped from a 17 foot ledge with the intention of impressing some girls and getting an adrenaline rush.  He got more than he expected. Isn’t that like the marriage bed?  We go in with bright, shining anticipation.  We know there could be [Continue Reading]