April Cassidy, “Unlock Your Libido,” Review, 31 Days to a Better Marriage and Blog Guidelines

10.6.15 Whats New

  New Review of, “Unlock Your Libido.” April Cassidy, author of peacefulwife.com, has taken the time to read and review, “Unlock Your Libido:  52-Week Sex Drive Transformation.”  I’m so grateful she has penned her candid opinion about my thoughts on improving sex drive. My favorite part of April’s commentary mentions, “reverse engineering.”  Many clever husbands have already realized my book is a tiny window into the heart and soul of a low-libido wife.  April also has misgivings about one of [Continue Reading]

Flirt with your Husband (12 SFW text messages)

Flirty Texts

  Safe For Work (SFW) flirty texts are a great way to stay connected with your man.  SFW is not to be confused with NSFW, Not Safe For Work.  NSFW is anything inappropriate in a professional setting or that you would be embarrassed for your grandmother to see. To keep your allure and unpredictability, send a SFW flirty text only occasionally. Flirty texts are win-win.  Although flirty texts do not have to lead to sweet bedroom time, they can.  And [Continue Reading]

Porn Plagued Us Until This Happened

porn plague

If you’ve read Waging War, you’ll know our marriage has battled pornography.  Even from the beginning, I never felt at fault for my husband’s decision to view porn.  It was his choice. However, the very first porn revelation led me to pursue the ‘what’s’ of porn. What makes porn fantasy so alluring? Youthful taut bodies, unlimited sexual availability, unlimited sexual variety, and unending sexual enthusiasm. My role as wife could either insulate him from or expose him to the temptation.  [Continue Reading]

Ta-Ta Touch


Body awareness is being in tune with your senses, muscles, alignment, aches, pains and pleasure.  In dance, it is important to be mindful about your body to create the visual, moving art.  In exercise and dance, it’s important to know your limits so that you don’t injure your body. For low libido wives relying on emotional libido, the physical libido gets pushed to the back burner because it doesn’t fire up like we want.  Practicing awareness of our bodies, may [Continue Reading]

Should You Consider Flibanserin? (Will I be taking it?)


Since the FDA advisory committee voted to recommend approval of Flibanserin (brand name, Addyi) with an 18 to 6 vote on, June 4, 2015,  I’m re-publishing this, November, 2014, post.  The next step toward full FDA approval and subsequent availability through prescription will be another few months.  Now, the FDA will be scrutinizing all of the testing done by Sprout Pharmaceuticals to prove everything they said is true. We are all given something to struggle against so that we can [Continue Reading]

Sleepin’ is Sexy


  We’ve slept in some strange beds. My husband, a.ka. Mr. Muscle’s, business took us to Madrid, Spain, for a week.  We managed to avoid the austerity protesting.  We did not avoid witnessing the horrible effects of 25% unemployment.   His iPhone was stolen and there are women selling their wares.  Sadly, the sex trade is legal here. Jet lag reminded me that sleep deprivation is brutal.  Sleep isn’t just important it’s crucial.  Deep slumber satisfies and replenishes.  It’s a [Continue Reading]