The Heart Craving Journey

Heart Craving

Chris of The Forgiven Wife and I share a common purpose.  We walk with Christian sisters who desire to build stronger intimacy and connection in marriage, but are struggling with the follow-through. In our individual writings, we often talk about ourselves as being on a path, walking a journey.  We want to invite other wives to join us and walk with us a while in community. Heart Craving is the name of our joint ministry.  We want to invite you [Continue Reading]

My Son Broke Both of His Legs (and a marriage connection)

Broke Legs

  At 13, my oldest son broke both of his legs.  The tibias in each leg were completely displaced, although not compound through the skin.  The fibulas each had a more minor, but spiral type of fracture. He jumped from a 17 foot ledge with the intention of impressing some girls and getting an adrenaline rush.  He got more than he expected. Isn’t that like the marriage bed?  We go in with bright, shining anticipation.  We know there could be [Continue Reading]

The Truth about Your Husband’s Sex Drive or Lack Thereof

The Truth About His Sex Drive

I hear from high drive wives all the time.  OysterBed7 is a desperate attempt for them to try to understand their sexually unresponsive husband, even though I never claim to have a handle on male low libido.  My niche is female low libido. Statistics show 25% of wives are not being sexually satisfied in their marriage.  However, I tend to agree with Belah Rose (of Delight You Marriage), on her podcast, “Why He Wants It All the Time (and What [Continue Reading]

How to Create Sexual Craving in Your Marriage or The Milk of Sexual Interest

How to create sexual craving in your marriage.  An easy tip that must be practiced daily.

  The finest wine and food pairing pales in comparison to the delight of a white bread, PB&J sandwich with big ol’ glass of cold milk (unless you are lactose intolerant). Could I eat a PB&J sandwich without milk?  Yes, but it would lose a factor of deliciousness. In How Sex is Like Peanut Butter, I made a light-hearted, but true correlation between sex and peanut butter.  Fans of sex and peanut butter appreciated it.  The intended audience was the [Continue Reading]

Memorial Day 2015


I’ll probably never see his grave. My uncle, Herbert Logsdon, is buried at sea 1000’s of miles from the US in Leyte Bay, Manila.  Uncle Herb was a sailor with a specific duty, aviation radioman.  He died on October 30, 1944 when a kamikaze rammed his aircraft carrier, the Belleau Wood, in the exact spot where he and nearly 100 others gathered to prepare for take-off, the forward ready-room.  With a crew of over 1500, only 97 were killed that [Continue Reading]

Little Known Peri-Menopause Symptom (Unending Period)

No matter what your age, a wife needs to know what lies ahead.  God gives the wisdom so we won't be frightened.

Hot Flash.  She’s the diva of menopausal symptoms.  Everyone has heard of her. For a few years, I’ve been dealing with several of her lesser known sisters. Low-Libido Night Sweat Heart Palpitation (Men, proceed reading at your own risk….) Recently, one of the least known sisters, Unending Period, made a call. What the heck?  I thought things were supposed to slow down and cease altogether.  But, no, I get the opposite. Which led me to ask, “Why?” My hormones aren’t [Continue Reading]