For the Norah Jones Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

I scheduled Norah Jones as our featured artist at the suggestion of a reader.  It’s quite interesting that I would choose her for this week in particular.  Because I just, two minutes ago, discovered an interesting fact.  She and I share a March 30th birthday.  This is incredibly curious to me seeing that my new daughter-in-love also shares this birthday.  AND so does my husband’s brother’s mother-in-law. Norah is the child of an American concert producer and an Indian Bengali [Continue Reading]

Pursuing One-Flesh Wisdom

Gone Visiting

  Crystal Storms writes at Intentionally Pursuing the Heart of God.  She has a sweet and direct voice when applying God’s word to her life.  I’ve been reading this delightful, succinct blog for about a year. She has allowed me to write a guest post at her place today and I am beyond thrilled.  It is an honor to speak to her Christian ladies.  Please follow me over to Intentionally Pursuing where I talk about, Pursuing One-Flesh Wisdom; Unlock Your [Continue Reading]

What Newlyweds Should Know About Married Sex

Newlyweds Sex

  I was asked recently what advice I would have given myself as a bride.  I’m sheepish to admit that I don’t fully remember my answer.  But, I really hope it was something along these lines. I wish I’d had a clue about the full meaning of sexual intimacy. There is immense meaning behind the act that is glorified in the media as fast and furious and so inconsequential it can be done with any ol’ person, even a friend [Continue Reading]

For the Uptown Funk Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

  I am a white girl that loves some funk and hip/hop, rap not so much.  This song has a fun spirit.  It may translate into a fun encounter!  Today’s offering is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson with Bruno Mars.  (Disclaimer:  PG-13 lyrics.) Please enjoy this consideration for your lovemaking soundtrack. Click here to see why I offer eclectic music samplings for your lovemaking sessions.  

What Helps a Wife’s Sex Drive (survey results, part 2)

What Helps Sex Drive 1

At the beginning of the year, I conducted a survey in which over 300 women responded.  If you want to see an overview of their responses, see OysterBed7 Libido Survey. Nearly 300 women wrote in comments to question #4, “What helps your low-libido?”  There were so many responses, I had to break them into several posts (See Part 1). This is the second of several posts that focus on their comments (in italics). Respondents said My hubby and I slow down [Continue Reading]

For the American Jazz Fusion Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

Shout out to The Forgiven Wife for this nomination!  She says she can’t dance, but apparently has awesome taste in music. Today’s offering is a honeyed jazz guitar by composer/guitarist, Stanley Jordan.  Wikipedia says of Jordan, “Stanley Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. He began his music career at age six, studying piano, then shifted his focus to guitar at age eleven.  He later began playing in rock and soul bands. In 1976, Jordan won an award at the Reno, Nevada, [Continue Reading]