Valentine’s Giveaway for you!

VDay grand 2015

It’s time to think about pink, red and white!  Valentine’s Day can be a simple delight.  Or, it can take on more extravagant fun.  Whatever your plans, we’d like to put a gift in your hands. Two of my favorite bloggers and I are teaming up for a Valentine’s Day Giveaway!  This is the first time I’ve participated in something like this.  You’ll be given a chance to win a basket of Valentine goodies from The Generous Wife, The Forgiven [Continue Reading]

For the Italian Renaissance Bedroom


Why I offer eclectic music suggestions for your bedroom playlist. A Lute is a small, beer-bellied guitar.  It is an ancient instrument with a long and colorful history.  You can read more about the lute here.  Today, I bring you sounds of the Italian Renaissance featuring a rockin’ lute.   Some devices may not show the video link.  In that case, click here: 52 Weeks to Unlock Your Libido: a Sex Drive Transformation (a previous OysterBed7 series) will be available [Continue Reading]

For the Latin Bedroom


 Why I offer eclectic music suggestions for your bedroom playlist. My oldest son is a self-taught jazz guitarist.  He earned a few extra bucks during college by playing at a local restaurant.  Unknowingly to him, he is the one who often steers me to interesting music for our Wednesday Bedroom Soundtracks.   While we were visiting he and his wife in Miami at New Year’s, he introduced me to Rodrigo y Gabriella.  Enjoy this Latin flavor!! Some devices may not [Continue Reading]

Libido Survey Results


  THANK YOU to everyone who took the Libido survey.  The large number of responses overwhelmed me.  I so appreciate your time and honesty in answering about your level of sexual desire.  (If you wish to take the survey, click here.) Thank you fellow marriage bloggers for promoting the survey, too! The question I’ve been asking myself is, “Why didn’t I survey y’all sooner?”  Not only did I learn who you are and what you are dealing with, several of [Continue Reading]

How to Succeed in Losing Weight


In A Healthy Weight is not a Skinny Weight, we discussed how a healthy weight can improve libido.  We also worked through simple numbers of weight loss.  Numbers are neutral.  Numbers have no power.    The plain truth is, for a lot of us, emotions are attached to weight loss.  Emotions give power to the numbers. There was a time in my life it was less painful to sit through a certain 6 minutes of the movie 127 Hours (you remember, [Continue Reading]

For the Native American Drum Bedroom


My husband and I realized a few years ago that our sons were at an age where memories would mean more than any material item we could give them.   That was when we quit giving Christmas presents and started giving Christmas experiences.  This year’s experience was a day in the everglades on an airboat.  We chose a company that was Native American, Miccosukee, so that we could visit some of the islands in their tribal lands.   Above is [Continue Reading]