Women Confess What Helps Their Low-Libido

What Helps Sex Drive 1

At the beginning of the year, I conducted a survey in which over 300 women responded.  If you want to see an overview of their responses, see OysterBed7 Libido Survey. Nearly 300 women wrote in comments to question #4, “What helps your low-libido?” This will be the first of several posts that focus on their comments (in italics). Respondents said Asking my husband to kiss me for a longer period of time; experimenting with moves and placement of pillows, etc. Read, [Continue Reading]

Music for the Jimmy Durante Bedroom

Bedroom Soundtrack 3.2015

Today’s bedroom soundtrack was emailed to me as a nomination!  Thank you so very much for this suggestion.  If you have a favorite, please send it in. I think you’ll find Jimmy Durante’s rendition of, “Hello, Young Lovers,” endearing, and if not.  Well, maybe next week I’ll post a better option for you. Remember, the soundtrack sampling is all about finding something new and intriguing that you have never considered.  Listen with an open heart. Click here to see why [Continue Reading]

What If The Batteries Died? A Sex Toy Story

What If The Batteries Died

Here’s a scenario to consider: You reach for your vibrator at the beginning of a rendezvous only to find it’s lifeless with dead batteries.  How would you respond? Would you be mildly dismayed? Or, would you freak out?  Are you pursuing orgasm so hard that disappointment would consume your ability to be in the moment with your husband? Consider all sexual enhancements through 1 Corinthians 6:12, “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are profitable. All things [Continue Reading]

Bright Eyes Bedroom Music

Bedroom Valentine

Before moving into our music sample today, I want to invite you to a joint endeavor with Chris (The Forgiven Wife) and I.  We are creating a community of women who are nurturing their relationship with their husband’s into fuller intimacy.  We’d love for you to sign up for our monthly newsletter.  We’ll chat with you once a month about meaningful articles we’ve read, spiritual insights we’ve gained and maybe even what’s going on in our day to day life. [Continue Reading]

How Do I Eliminate Marital Aids and Orgasm Naturally?


I received an email question about orgasm. “I’ve never been able to have an orgasm naturally, we always have to use some kind of toys and that really bothers me. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for me?” She’s not the first to ask this.  I highly respect that she is exploring how to be intimate in a different way.  I am also glad that she has the ability to orgasm, because many of the emails I receive on [Continue Reading]

50 Shades of Uncertainty

50 Shades

I jazzercise with a homogeneous group of women, or so I thought, until the mention of 50 Shades of Grey.  Most kept their mouths shut, a few were negative.  I suspected some were “Shades-positive.” I just did not expect the elegant, retired school-teacher-type to pipe up her eagerness to meet Mr. Grey this weekend at the theatre. You’ve probably already seen quoted, 40% of those fluttering for Mr. Grey are Christian women, don’t assume all of them are young mommy’s. [Continue Reading]